Why We Exist


All of us believe that we are fortunate enough to get better opportunities in life and we feel that our moral responsibility is to give back to the society by helping the underprivileged. Our purpose is to spend some of our time, money and expertise to stand by the people who need our support. Our current focus is to provide education, healthcare and a decent life to the unprivileged kids with options to expand our operation in many more such related areas in future. Our primary area of work is to educate and enable first generation learners. 

Our History


TAPASSYA is a voluntary non-profit making organization founded by some IT professionals working in Salt Lake, Sector-V (India) and then joined by many more people from different backgrounds, including students, to reach out to disadvantaged and needy people of our society.

In June 2008, a group of like-minded IT professionals from Kolkata , WB, India, gathered together to ponder about how to give something back to the society, from whom we have taken so much in our lives. All of them believed that what they are today are because of the sacrifices made by many people in the society. These group had been supporting charitable causes so far at individual capacity and everyone felt the need for a concerted effort. Thus was born TAPASSYA, a voluntary, non-profit organization with the dream of helping disadvantaged people of our society.

The organization was formally registered as 'Nabadiganta Tapassya Foundation' on 31st October, 2008 under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act of 1961, vide Registration Number S/1L/55699 of 2008-2009. 'Tapassya' means to attain the ultimate goal in life through austerity of body and mind. 'Nabadiganta' means 'New Beginning', which is also the official name of Sector V in Salt Lake, where Kolkata's IT hub is located. To us it is 'Tapassya' for a 'Better Tomorrow'. 

During establishment phase, we got our fundamentals right and visions aligned. With a small beginning, we eventually enabled 100+ first generation learners in 4 centers working with our partners. 

Our Mission


 “The only service to be done for them is to give them education, to develop their lost individuality – they are to be given ideas; their eyes are to be opened…, and then they will work out their own salvation.”– Swami Vivekananda

We dream of enabling 1000 first generation learners by 2022­­ through our operation. We want to ignite the spark ‘Tapassya Jyoti’ through our financial, administrative support and our expertise, and thereby maximise the reach in each such locality, so that people can serve themselves better. 

Our long term vision and dream is to multiply our reach manifold through the kids that we are currently nurturing in different places, some of whom in future will help us accomplishing our long term vision in future. Currently we, the members of Tapassya and other associated organizations, are trying to develop the characters and thoughts of all those kids by imbibing the ideals of Swami Vivekananda so that they can continue these efforts in future in the process of giving back to the society.

Our belief gets stronger when we see so many like-minded people like you around us. Every single day, with all of your active support we are making steady progress towards our shared dream.    

What We Do

TAPASSYA Jyoti - Educating First Generation


“Educate and Enable 1,000 first generation learners by 2022”. from underprivileged sections of our society 

Aalo - Higher Study Scholarship


Financially support and provide guidance to the needy students in our society 

Asha - Community Development in Remote Villages


Support with food items , rations , clothes to the remote tribal villages  in Jharkhand and focus on improving living standards  

Arogya - Financial Support to Critical Illness


Provide financial support to the distressed financially weak people suffering from terminal illness 

Astha - Distress Relief


Relief operations & special drive for aid during natural calamities . Provide food materials , clothes,blankets & medicines  

Agomoni - Annual Cloth Distribution


Distribution Drive of new and old worm clothes , blankets, sarees  in remote villages of West Bengal  

Contact us

Nabadiganta Tapassya Foundation , Flat 1C, 85 P . Majumder Road Kolkata 700 107 West Bengal India

Registration No. S/IL/55699/2008-2009 under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act of 1961