Tapassya Joyti

Tapassya Bhavan , Joynagar & Karunamoyee

We able to reach out and enabled ~100 first generation learners through our centers and affiliations . We have built Tapassya Bhavan to provide  fooding, lodging and basic education to our Kids. All our Kids get  engaged into  other curricular activities and hobbies such as Dance , Drawing , Painting , Singing and Playing 

Success Story : - 

  • 15 students passed 10th till  year 2017 
  • 3 Students scored 1st division 
  • 7 students studying at 10+2  vocational courses in RKM , Narendrapur , WB 
  • Rest 8 students studying in various streams at 10+2 level , with financial support and guidance  from Tapassya

Other Activities : - 

  • Students participating in drawing classes conducted by eminent teacher 
  • Two students attend special dance classes from professional dance academy 
  • Our Kids take part in cultural programs and  they do commendable performance ,  recitation , singing , dance ,skits 
  • Our students take part in different science exhibition, spelling competition etc.


Tapassya Bhavan

At HVSN , Joynagar


Our Kids playing a Drama on the occasion of SwamiJi's Birth Day

At HVSN, Joynagar


Celebrating Independence Day with our students and Kids of locality

Ananda Ashram , Tollygunge


We celebrate every Independence Day with our Karunamoyee students and 10+2 students studing at RKM

Anada Ashram ,Tollygunge


Celebrating Bhatri Dwityia , with our Kids at Anada Ashram

HVSN, Joynagar


Kid engaged in practising music , tabla 

Anada Ashram,Tollygunge


Celebrating Deepavali


Disaster Relief

Flood Stricken Bengal - 2017


July & August, 2017 – Heavy Rainfall Observed across entire West Bengal.Rivers flooded by Incessant rains,massive floods in both South and North Bengal. At least 70 Deaths and property loss of INR 70 Billion reported .Most effected areas are Dhaniakhali, Ghatal, Bankura, Alipurduar and Malda

Relief Material Reached


Collection of Food materials and Clothes from  different Offices in IT sectors and other well- wishers .Huge support and contribution from Members , volunteers , well-wishers helped to generate a good fund  of  3,00,000 INR , 75 big Carton dry foods , 200 cartons of clothes

Distribution In Progress


~950 families supported with relief materials , consists of 5 tons of food  materials  200 cartons of old clothes , 300 +kids given new clothes, medicines and bleaching powder. TAPASSYA worked with RKM and local NGOs to mobilize these relief operation

Nepal Earth Quake , 2015

Around 200 Cartons of  Biscuits , Babay Food , Dry foods collected and transported to Siliguri RKM for the relief works in Nepal Earth Quake in 2015. TAPASSYA volunteers worked  out the funds , collected food items from diferent IT/ITeS Organizations around Sec-V and Rajarhat Kolkata. 

Aila - Sundarban 2009

Hundreds were left homeless ,more than 100 people killed by Cyclone and  torrential rains led to flooding. High winds uprooted numerous trees, blocking roads throughout the region. More than 10,000 people were reportedly isolated . TAPASSYA members and volunteers devoted to accumulate huge  relief items including  dry foods ,rations ,clothes , medicines , able to reach-out remote villages in Sundarban and relived more than 2000 distressed people 

Arogya - Medical Support


The story of young Mother , with her 4 years old son,  suffering from ESRD and taking Dialysis twice weekly. She lives in Slums of Kolkata, under privileged, financially unstable. TAPASSYA have been supporting her by paying the medical expense for last 7 yrs.


The story of a 37 Yrs. Brother, suffering from similar ESRD and surviving through dialysis for last 7 years .Due to financial crisis ,Ujjal had stopped taking dialysis almost when , we have decided to support him financially , which is now continued for last 5 yrs.   


Community Development in Remote Villages

While most of enjoying our city life  with lots of facilities , good food , good clothes ,lots of amusement , well equipped medical facilities in contrary there are people living within few hundred kms. in the border of Purulia  and Jharkhand without food , almost no shelter, very little or no clothes. There are no question of medical facilities .They left in utter poverty and  alienation. They are our old  tribal country men distinctively  lived few generations  as  Wood Cutter  or hunter in the dense forest and the hill tops .

Fulfill the Basic Needs  - 

In some divine connection few of us reached  here among  these living Gods and gave us the opportunity to serve them. We have started distributing rations , vegetables , little fruits , eggs etc as malnutrition is prevailed in most of the kids and young mothers.  Although initially we were very few and our funds were tight , but our heart and hands were extended to the fullest to grab these noble opportunity to serve them . We able to reach out 6 such villages and near about 75 families , tried to provide rations and vegetables monthly once . Also provided clothes and blanket to few villages. 

Next Steps

We are trying to build up the other basic facilities with our very limited ability such as repairing the tube-wells , wells etc also same time motivating them for creating self sustenance ,with the means which are very close to there nature such as Sal leaf  plate making machine . 

Aalo - Higher Education Support